How to Identify if you have Diamond cut wheels

How to identify if you have a diamond cut wheel !

A lot of modern day alloy wheels are now diamond cut. The way to identify if your wheels are diamond cut is, if the faces of the wheels are very shiny, almost like the back of a CD (Compact Disc). You will also be able to see grain lines in the metal/alloy, this is from where they have been turned on the lathe. They can also have painted inserts, these can be any variety of colour, usually black or silver. Wheel Doctor is now offering a Diamond Cut Same day Alloy Wheel Repair service for vehicle owners who Require a standard factory finish. 

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 diamond cut wheels can have a variety of painted inserts black , silver,grey and many more.

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You may also wish to change the colour of the painted inserts

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we also offer a collection and return service if you cant get to us.

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'Great repair to my Civic Type R Wheels and fantastic service..'- Russell Davies

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 we are a diamond cut alloy wheel repair expert,  powder coat lacquer factory finish ,workshop is in the crawley area
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